Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breaking through the $300/day ceiling

Bit of a milestone yesterday! My daily earnings broke through (just barely) the $300 ceiling. One of my ad networks still isn't reporting as of 9.30am EST so I don't know the exact total yet, but this was a really nice surprise. I've not broken $300 a day since the heady days of December 2007 (when ad revenues were insanely high thanks to 50-60% fills from ADSDAQ).

The revenue breakdown was roughly:

BurstMedia - 30%
ADSDAQ - 23%
TribalFusion - 19%
Adsense - 19%
Valueclick - 7%

The interesting thing is - I didn't have much of a traffic spike yesterday as far as I can tell. In terms of visitors and pageviews, it was business as usual. For whatever reason, all my adnetworks just happened to "pop" with excellent fill rates and strong CPMs. Even Adsense chipped in with the highest daily earnings of 2008.

I have single-day peaks like this every now and again, but I've learned by now not to see these as anything more than aberrations. Apart from December 2007, these big-number days generally just appear out of nowhere and then things return back to normal levels within a day or two. Its always tempting to see big increases like this as the start of a trend, but you also have to be realistic... sometimes things just click.

So far my June 2008 daily average is about $215.50, making this the first month in 2008 where I'm likely to break a $200/day average by the end of the month. Its been a steady increase most of this year (apart from February, when a server crash + short month + crappy fill rates left me with a disappointing average). Check out the results so far:

Daily Average Earnings by Month - 2008

January - $173.42/day ($5376.02 total)

February - $141.86/day ($4113.94 total)

March - $181.10/day ($5614.10 total)

April - $182.67/day ($5480.10 total)

May - $193.41/day ($5995.71 total)

June (to date) - $215.50/day ($6465.00 projected total)

Now that's a trend! :-)

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