Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ad Surge Continues

Wow - I broke $300/day two days ago for the first time in 2008, and now it looks like yesterday I might have done the same, or at least come damn near close to it. One of my ad networks doesn't report daily figures until midday so I won't know for sure, but I generally make around $9/day with this one and right now I'm at $291.97 with all my other networks. Two days in a row! Ok, ok - not getting excited yet, I know there are up time and down times and I can't go around seeing big trends in two little data points... tempting though that may be. :-)

Oh, and another one to kill this morning for Tribal Fusion Direct:

Later Update: Yep, its official - I squeaked by the $300 mark again yesterday. Final network report just came in and the grand total was $300.06. No complaints here!

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